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Alamo Inventors Monthly Meeting April 10th starting at 5:30 p.m.

Topic: Prolific Inventor Shares his “Shark Tank” Experience

Mark Sullivan, a prolific inventor, scientific researcher, and Hollywood special effects developer, will share his first-hand experience when featured on ABC’s Shark Tank at the April 2013 Alamo Inventors general meeting.

Recently Mark Sullivanpresented one of his inventions to the panel of five wealthy business people as a guest on ABC’s hit reality TV series “Shark Tank”. He was chosen from over 24,000 applicants to pitch his patented electric generator that harnesses energy from the spin of the Earth. During every episode, the Sharks look for the best product and business proposals in America by listening to aspiring entrepreneurs talk about their ideas and how much funding they need to launch their concepts. He will speak about his experience from his initial submission to the airing of the show and the response of the audience.

Mark was educated at Peacock Military Academy, The University of Texas Health Science Center, The Universidad de Las Americas and The University of Texas at Austin. While at Peacock Military he scored in the 99th percentile in the United States and at UT Austin he earned two engineering awards. Mark worked in research to help map the E.coli genome, developed an artificial lung for premature infants, invented advancements in peritoneal dialysis, and created the first medical day care in Texas. This MENSAN inventor/technician has worked on many interesting projects including building Porsche racing engines, as a door-to-door bacteria salesman and even as a leech farmer (or in Texas it may be a leech rancher). Mark holds an ATF explosives license and has designed or built special effects for over 100 feature films and commercials. He has copyrights on screenplays, music and art. He is a certified US Coast Guard Seaman and holds a current Texas Department of Health radiation safety officer license.


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 July 2012

South Texas MENSA Organization


Okay, not the kind you’re thinking. A different kind of “scary” shark.
South Texas Mensan Mark Sullivan was recently a contestant on the ABC television program “Shark Tank”. Mark is a prolific inventor and was selected from over 40,000 applicants to appear on the show. The invention he pitched was an electric generator which harnesses the spin of the earth. This may be the first time mankind has harnessed the spin of our planet. His invention makes electricity and has waste products of fresh water and mineral precipitates like manganese, molybdenum and gold.

As a biomedical engineer, Mark designs and builds medical and scientific equipment. He has invented many life-saving devices for patients suffering from a wide range of diseases. You can learn more about our local inventor by visiting marksullivanresearch.com

Currently, Mark is working on his plan for Texposition, a novel world’s fair for San Antonio.

It should be an electrifying presentation so we hope to see you there. There MAY even be video..if someone can figure out how to make the TV work!

And continue the discussion at Aftermath across the street at La Madeleine!

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