Air, gas and water control systems (design and installation)

Air compressors, dryers and filters

Air drills (to 600k RPM)

Air motors, power transmissions

Analgesia equipment, blood gas analyzers

Autoclaves (steam, gas or chemical)

Automated microbiological media systems (design and construction)

Centrifuges (refrigerated and ultra)

Chromatography equipment (gas), Mass spectrometers

Coulter cell counters

Cryogenics technology

Custom orthopedic devices

Dental equipment service and design

Disposable medical products (design and manufacture)

Pharmacological and drug delivery advancements


Electronics systems (diagnosis and repair to component, design, construction)


Electro surgical equipment

Environmental chambers

Fiber optics (optical and information)

Filtration systems (vacuum or pressure)

Fume hoods and laminar air flow systems

Hydraulic chairs, tables and control systems, van wheelchair lifts

Incubators (laboratory and neonatal)

Infection control, sterility control and monitors

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory ovens and furnaces

Laboratory safety products

Laser systems

Lighting systems

Medical equipment design, construction and service

Membrane research and peritoneal dialysis advancements

Meteorological instrumentation

Microphotography equipment



Mobility impaired orthopedic aids and devices

Monitors (patient or equipment) telemetry and signal systems

Motorized wheelchairs

Novel medical, dental and scientific devices

Osseo integrated implants design and machining

Perfusion and organ transplant systems design and construction

Power transmission systems

Pneumatic and computer interfacing

Precision scales and balances

Prophylaxis equipment

Sharpening and manufacturing of precision instruments


Surgical equipment design and manufacturing

Ultrasonic cleaners and scalers (medical and industrial)

Ultrasonic nebulization systems

Vacuum pumps and system design

Water and air monitors, pumps, motors and filtration systems

Wound management, healing (diabetic, trauma, burns)

X-ray generators (panoramic, intra-oral, digital), films and processors