Electric Generator Uses Spin of the Earth to Produce Cheap, Renewable Energy & Desalinate Brackish Water; Invention Could Dramatically Transform Societies.

United States Patent: US 6,532,740

Generator Employing the Coriolis Effect

This patent holds 36 separate claims on this innovative technology which can be used to produce electric energy cheaply and in massive quantities in environments all over the planet. This revolutionary generator marks the first time in mankind’s history that energy can be captured from the constant rotation of the Earth. Simply explained, this invention creates electricity from saltwater, brackish or industrial waste water. Byproducts from the desalination process include fresh, clean water and valuable mineral precipitates, like gold and manganese.


“Right now we need this source of clean, renewable, alternative energy. There is an unequal distribution of resources on the planet. Wars may be fought over oil and water. I want America to be energy independent.”