Film, Video & Special Effects



Mechanical Effects

Pyrotechnic Effects (Federal ATF Explosives License)

Special Effects

Props, Design and Construction

Models and Miniatures

Electrician and Metal Fabricator

Scriptwriter and Music Composer

Digital and Film Producer and Cinematographer

Commercial Advertising Creative and Video Development Creative

Graphic Artist and Art Department Coordinator

Fashion Designer, Wardrobe and Garment-Maker, Tailor

Songwriter, Composer and Publisher, represented by BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.)

Mark Sullivan Research: Design and construction of any special effects, props, models, prosthetics, animatronics, lasers, fiber optics, pyrotechnics, mechanicals, electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, vacuum systems, atmospheric effects, stunt equipment, medical, laboratory and industrial equipment, special effects make-up (full face foam latex prostheses, hair, custom teeth, bladders, blood, bullet hits, transformations, monsters, aliens), scuba, stadium stand-ins, master mechanic auto, marine and motorcycle, scientific equipment, architect, micrography, radio control systems design and construction, sculpting, welding and brazing, robotics, rigging.